Our highly skilled dentist, Dr Michael Yang, and his experienced staff are committed to providing excellent quality treatment at Airport Smile Lounge

Orthodontics is a discipline that focuses on correcting the alignment and position of teeth and the jaw. Tooth alignment and position problems are common and include issues such as overbites, where the upper jaw extends too far over the lower jaw. The spacing of teeth is also something that can be treated with orthodontics both in terms of overcrowding and over spacing. Lastly, orthodontics can deal with poor tooth alignment or crooked teeth effectively as well, straightening them and restoring aesthetics and function.

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The benefits of orthodontics

Patients opt for orthodontic treatment for many important reasons. The first is that well-aligned teeth and jaws make it much easier to keep teeth clean. This is crucial not only to ensure day to day hygiene but also because teeth that are easier to keep clean are much less susceptible to disease, injury, plaque and decay. 

Indeed, poorly aligned teeth can be responsible for many health issues including an increased risk of breakage, uneven wear, and gum issues. Some individuals even experience headaches or pain in the neck and face because of poorly aligned jaws and teeth. The good news is that by properly aligning the teeth, orthodontics can help to resolve these issues. 

Lastly, Orthodontics can help restore a smile to its full beauty, meaning that instead of having to think twice before expressing one of the most fundamental human emotions, the individual can feel confidently free to smile anytime the urge takes them and reap the benefits associated with doing so.

Airport Smile Lounge’s approach to orthodontics

At the Smile Lounge, we focus on providing great value, high-quality orthodontic treatment to all our patients. That is why we always begin with an initial assessment where our friendly dental professionals can discuss your options, and the potential costs involved. 

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Our highly skilled principle dentist, Dr Michael Yang, and his experienced staff are committed to providing excellent quality treatment at the Airport Smile Lounge