Dental Emergencies

Our highly skilled dentist, Dr Michael Yang, and his experienced staff are committed to providing excellent quality treatment at Airport Smile Lounge

Ever broken a tooth, or discovered a painful abscess in your mouth? Then it’s very likely you have experienced a dental emergency. A dental emergency is an oral health situation that requires immediate treatment, either because of the level of discomfort involved or the risk to a person’s health. 

Common dental emergencies include chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, as well as teeth that have been knocked out. Severe toothache and abscesses also count as dental emergencies, as do loose, or missing dental restoration work, as well as serious soft tissue injury to the gums.

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Benefits of getting
emergency treatment

One of the most obvious benefits of getting fast dental treatment in an emergency is that it means an issue that causes pain can be resolved as quickly as possible. Indeed, as many people report that dental pain is some of the worst they have ever experienced, any opportunity to reduce this is crucial. 

Access to emergency dental treatment can also help to stop the progression of the problem in its tracks. This is particularly important in the cases of issues such as abscesses and undiagnosed toothaches, as they could signal a far more serious and sometimes life-threatening problem like infection.

Airport Smile Lounge’s approach to emergency dentistry

Here at Airport Smile Lounge, our patients’ wellbeing is our primary concern. That is why we offer additional openings outside of normal office hours so we can see dental emergencies as soon as possible. 

In the case of a dental emergency, please get in contact with our caring and friendly staff at (02) 6247 1999. They will either book you in for an emergency appointment or refer you to Canberra Hospital’s emergency department in the rare instance that we are unable to assist. 

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Our highly skilled principle dentist, Dr Michael Yang, and his experienced staff are committed to providing excellent quality treatment at the Airport Smile Lounge