General Dentistry

Our highly skilled dentist, Dr Michael Yang, and his experienced staff are committed to providing excellent quality treatment at Airport Smile Lounge

General dentistry has three main goals: preventing oral health issues, restoring oral health and promoting the health and wellbeing of the patient. It uses several different treatments in different configurations to achieve these goals including basic procedures such as fillings, all the way through to more advanced regimes such as orthodontics, crowns, implants and veneers.   

Preventing oral health issues through dentistry is all about being proactive and dealing with problems before they become significant. Regular examinations and professional cleanings play a vital role in this process, as they ensure your continued oral health.  

Restorative services in dentistry are all about providing fast, suitable, and cost-effective treatment to the patient, and restoring function and aesthetics. After all, oral health issues can cause a range of problems from pain and discomfort to a lack of conference and self-esteem, something that can harm the quality of life of the individual. Dentistry can also help spot and resolve general health concerns such as infections that can impact diabetes care, as well as cardiovascular problems.

Airport Smile Lounge’s approach to general dentistry

We offer general dentistry services to people of all ages, and all walks of life. Here at Airport Smile Lounge, we encourage a preventative approach to general dentistry, where we offer routine appointments for professional cleaning and a comprehensive check-up. Our check-ups also include examinations that can detect more general concerns linked to oral health too. 

We also offer a wide range of restorative services from fillings to orthodontics, cosmetic and rehabilitation dentistry. 

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Our highly skilled principle dentist, Dr Michael Yang, and his experienced staff are committed to providing excellent quality treatment at the Airport Smile Lounge